Zynaptiq Unmix Drums

Intelligent Drum Processor Plugin

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Apple Silicon Compatible
AAX Native - Compatible with Pro Tools 11 and above
AudioUnits Format
RTAS - Compatible with Pro Tools 9 and below
VST2 Format VST3 Format
Free iLok account required, USB dongle optional
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Boost Or Attenuate Drums In Mixed Music

UNMIX DRUMS is the world's first audio plugin that allows attenuating or boosting drums in mixed music, in real-time.

Using advanced source signal separation (a.k.a. de-mixing, unmixing, sound extraction, sound isolation) technology under the hood, UNMIX DRUMS provides frequency-dependent drum level control that ranges from up to +18dB of boost to virtually complete removal*, while always sounding great.

Whether used on a full mix or on a drum bus, UNMIX DRUMS can be used to shape and enhance the impact of your drums in a unique new way.

Sporting an intuitive multi-level GUI, frequency-dependent control of key parameters, sample-accurate sub-bass (re)synthesizer, our high-precision analyzer display, M/S operation, and an output limiter, UNMIX::DRUMS opens up exciting new options for mastering, music production, sample-based music creation, mash-up artists, remixers and DJs.

*Actual achievable amounts depend on input signal specifics.


  • Source Separation-Based Control of Drum Level in Mixed Music.
  • SMOOTH and PUNCHY Boost Modes.
  • Sample-Accurate Sub-Bass (Re)Synthesizer.
  • Frequency-Dependent Control of Key Parameters.
  • Intuitive 3-way GUI Design.

Turn It Up (or Down)

UNMIX DRUMS is your after-the-fact fader for the drums. It takes a mixed music input and allows you to change the level of the drums relative to everything else, in real-time.

Attenuate the drums to "headphone bleed" levels, or make them sit squarely in your face, the choice is yours. Adjust DRUM LEVEL and THRESHOLD, done.

Impact Shaping

UNMIX DRUMS doesn't only work with mixed music, you can slap it onto a drum buss, too.

Adjusting DRUM LEVEL frequency dependently using the slick breakpoint editor in the CURVES view lets you shape the impact and punch of your drums like never before.

Without touching a compressor or transient processor, and even if they're inside a full mix. Zynaptiq call this impact equalization.

Smooth Punch, Punchy Smoothness

Speaking of punch: UNMIX DRUMS offers two boost modes, SMOOTH and PUNCHY.

The SMOOTH mode was designed with a dry, organic sound in mind, for natural sounding medium boost situations, as well as pre-processing for drum extraction applications.

PUNCHY produces a very snappy, tight sound that can really make the drums jump at you.

Both modes allow boosting the drum reverb, too, SMOOTH focusing on early reflections and PUNCHY on long reverb tails.

Off The Richter Scale

UNMIX DRUMS features the world's first and only sample accurate sub-bass (re)synthesizer.

Adding punchy and clean low-frequency energy to your music or drums has never been easier.

Simply raise the BASS SYNTH slider to taste, no level instabilities, false triggers or phase cancellation included.

Whether subtly extending the frequency range on a jazz master or creating earth-shattering club beats of woofer destruction, the onboard BASS SYNTH delivers with minimal effort.

Workflow Monster

UNMIX DRUMS features an intuitive 3-way GUI design.

Rather than cluttering up your workspace, this layout ensures you see only the parameters you need to see, when, and if you need them.

With its level compensation feature, M/S processing, a hard-knee limiter, "kill-switch" style drum level macro buttons, and a plethora of carefully hand-crafted factory presets, UNMIX DRUMS delivers stunning results, easily and in an instant.

System Requirements

  • MacOS 10.15 Catalina and above
  • Windows 8 and above (64-bit only)
  • Intel, AMD, or Apple Silicon CPU
  • Free iLok account and iLok License Manager
  • iLok Machine and iLok USB licensing methods are supported

Plugin Formats

AAX Native, AU, VST2, and VST3