Toontrack EZX: Post-Metal

Expansion Pack for EZdrummer 3 and Superior Drummer 3

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Unfiltered Rawness

Big, dark, earthy and mercilessly vibrant drums, tailored for the post-metal sound.

On the very edge of a rock on the small island of Giske, Norway, facing an infinite panorama of the unforgivingly raging North Sea, under midnight skies painted in the unpredictably swirling arcs of the Northern Lights, sits the Ocean Sound Recording studio - with snowcapped mountains towering like gallant giants frozen in time around it. In these awe-inspiring surroundings, we found the perfect conditions to help illustrate the unfiltered rawness of the post-metal sound.

This EZX for EZdrummer 3 presents a collection of big, earthy and mercilessly vibrant drums, tailored for atmospheric, slow and organic-sounding metal.

It includes four unique kits, two further configurations captured with snare wires off, several extra kit pieces and sets of big and dark cymbals.

All instruments were sampled by Thomas Hedlund of the band Cult of Luna, one of the absolute forerunners in today's budding post-metal scene.

In a genre where feel, context and fearless exploration of ebb-and-flow- like contrasts play equal parts, uncompromising drum dynamics are key.

Welcome to the embodiment of just that: an EZX featuring a palette of kits that span the entire dynamic range, recorded at a studio that virtually balances on the edge of the world and against a backdrop of the most savage display of nature's majesty.

Just like nature once tediously chiseled out this very spot from the face of the earth by thrusting mammoth blocks of ice across its barren crust, this EZX is your modern-day instrument to architect your own musical trails with.

It provides the kits, the grooves and the mix-ready sounds for whatever uncharted sonic landscape you may want your next song to venture off into.

Unharness your creativity.


  • Vibrant, big, dark and earthy drums inspired by the post-metal sound
  • Captured at the Ocean Sound Recording studio in Norway
  • Four complete drum kits and two additional kit configurations recorded with snare wires off
  • Sampled by Thomas Hedlund (Cult of Luna)
  • Includes a wide range of presets inspired by the genre
  • Comes with a collection of MIDI unique to this EZX

The Lighthouse Kit

  • Brand: Ludwig
  • Model: Super Classic
  • Material: 3-ply mahogany/poplar/mahogany

The Pathfinder Kit

  • Brand: Yamaha
  • Model: Maple Custom Absolute
  • Material: 6-ply maple

The Mariner Kit

  • Brand: Ludwig
  • Model: Classic Maple
  • Material: 7-ply maple

The Island Kit

  • Brand: Gretsch
  • Model: '70s Stop Sign Badge
  • Material: 6-ply maple/gum/maple

Additional Instruments

  • 2 Kicks
  • 7 Snares
  • 1 Hihat
  • 2 Crashes
  • 1 Ride

The Presets

In addition to the neutral state of each kit, presets featuring different amounts of saturation, effects and leveling are included.

Expect tones that covers the entire scope, from the round, dark and subtle to the all-out hard-hitting.


The included MIDI was performed by sampling drummer Thomas Hedlund (Cult of Luna) and covers a foundational collection gf grooves, fills and parts, enabling you to get started on your next post-metal-inspired song right away.

System Requirements

  • Toontrack EZdrummer 3.0.5 and above OR Superior Drummer 3.3.3 and above
  • MacOS 10.10 Yosemite and above
  • Windows 7 and above (64-bit only)
  • Intel, AMD, or Apple Silicon CPU
  • 4GB RAM (8GB or more recommended)
  • 9GB free storage space