Toontrack EZX: Modern Metal

Will Putney Signature Expansion Pack for EZDrummer 2/3 and Superior Drummer 2/3

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A Lesson in Aggression.

Earth-shattering grooves and fills. Period.

The Modern Metal EZX was recorded by engineer/mixer/producer Will Putney at his own Graphic Nature Audio studios in New Jersey. Featuring five carefully captured kits, each handpicked for their unique tonal qualities, paired with Will Putney's raw but still sonically immaculate production style, this EZX paints a unique document of hard-hitting, aggressive-sounding drums with a tangible edge, nerve, and energy.

In addition to the kits and the large assortment of cymbals, extra kicks, and snares, the Modern Metal EZX also includes a comprehensive library of presets as well as a selection of MIDI grooves and fills designed for anything from heavy rock to death metal, hardcore, and progressive metal.

Ultimately, the Modern Metal EZX presents the embodiment of modern metal drums at their finest - fit for anything from hardcore to metal and any subgenre descriptor that may be wedged in between.


  • Recorded and produced by Will Putney at Graphic Nature Audio in New Jersey
  • Sampled by Billy Rymer (The Dillinger Escape Plan)
  • Includes five individual kits
  • Several extra kicks, snares as well as a wide range of cymbals
  • Kits and tones designed for every facet of modern metal
  • Features a custom presets engineered by Will Putney
  • Includes a collection of MIDI for anything from heavy rock to brutal
  • death metal

About the Producer

For more than a decade and counting, Will Putney has been making records back to back with the elite of the modern metal and hardcore world. Known for his bold audio landscapes, visionary ideas, and raw but sonically immaculate productions, he has undoubtedly become one of the most in-demand and prolific engineers, producers, and mixers in today’s heavy music scene. In addition to his production work, Will is also an established artist, guitarist, and songwriter with his band Fit for an Autopsy.

The Drums

From big and beefy to short and snappy - the Modern Metal EZX covers
the entire scope of metal drum tones.

The Big and Beefy Kit

"This particular kit was one I had sought out for a LONG time. I really love the depth of the drums on this one, especially the deep toms. It’s a studio staple that has been used on countless of my favorite records and one of my favorite workhorse kits. Really shines for hard rock and groove-based hardcore and metal." - Will Putney

The Dense and Deep Kit

"This kit really surprised me, the thickness and smooth low-end projection is quite impressive. The longer depth of the kick drum gives it a presence unlike the other drums I own. t was initially the underdog at the studio, but in the past few years this one’s won a LOT of shootouts." - Will Putney

The Punchy and Balanced Kit

"This is an interesting take on studio standard using metal instead of go-to tonewoods. Steel makes for unique overtones, and this kit’s definitely helped me create some surprisingly fat yet punchy drums, almost as if some space has been created with different resonance points to let the attack shine. It sits really well in a mix, and with the right drummer behind this thing, it’s incredibly even-sounding." - Will Putney

The Short and Snappy Kit

"This is a go-to for the faster metal drummers. I really like this one for dryer and more in-your-face style productions, when the drums need to come and go as fast as possible while maintaining a dense character. The classic maple vibe works on other levels too, so don’t be afraid to rebalance the ambience for another extremely useable rock style production." - Will Putney

The Warm and Wooden Kit

"This line of drums is probably one of the most recorded kits at the studio. A lot of drummers I’ve worked with choose this kit for their own setup, and rightfully so. It has great organic warmth and decay with a modern attack and punch, really the best of both worlds and a parallel to my favorite production style." - Will Putney

The Presets

The collection of presets include both those engineered by Will Putney himself as well as presets by the Toontrack sound design team. The idea with this bank of presets was to not only bring out all the unique qualities of the kits but also to paint the broadest possible picture of metal and aggressive music today. Expect meticulously engineered mix-ready kit presets for anything from thick, loud, and reverberant to tight and snappy – all at the click of a button.


The included MIDI was compiled by drummer Kyle Brownlee of the band Counterparts and was designed to paint a broad-stroke picture of all the fragmented facets of metal today. With material for anything from heavy rock to progressive metal, hardcore, and death metal you’ll have all the foundational grooves you need to get going.

    System Requirements

    • Toontrack EZdrummer 2.1.8 and above OR Superior Drummer 3.2.0 and above
    • MacOS 10.10 Yosemite and above
    • Windows 7 and above (64-bit only)
    • Intel, AMD, or Apple Silicon CPU
    • 4GB RAM (8GB or more recommended)
    • 3.7GB free storage space