Toontrack EZmix Pack: Soundscapes

Preset Pack for EZmix 2

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A Sound Escape

50 one-of-a-kind presets for ambient soundscapes, sound design, and creative mixing.

While this EZmix pack is called Soundscapes, it might just as well have been Sound Escapes, because that is what it allows you to do: escape the traditional boundaries of composition and allow your creative self to run free, painting with effects, space, and time to create all-new landscapes of sound.

The Soundscapes EZmix Pack comes with 50 signal chain presets. It was designed to cater to any creative context that calls for an unorthodox effect, a dwindling echo, a soaring reverb, or a richly textured tone – perfect for scores, music beds, or any pop, rock, or modern audio scene in need of some out-of-the-box ideas.

These presets can be applied to any audio source and, quite frankly, should. The canvas is blank and yours to fill. Start mixing!


  • 50 insert signal chain presets for ambient soundscapes and effects
  • For general mixing and creative sound design
  • Effects range from delay, distortion, and pitch to filter sweeps, choruses, phasers, and more
  • For any audio source

    System Requirements

    • You must own Toontrack EZmix 2 to use this preset pack.