ToneCrate Kevin Talley Signature Drum Samples

Drum Samples in Slate Trigger and WAV Formats

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Trigger TCI Format
WAV Format

Kevin Talley is a legend. Not just because he has drummed for some of the worlds most popular metal bands, but because of the way that he drums. His playing has a distinct tone to it that ToceCrate set out to capture. 

To do this they hired world-renowned drum tech Matt Brown (WhiteChapel, Shinedown, 10 Years, Coal Chamber) to come tune and tech his drums for this sample library. The result is a crushing collection that has the precision and versatility you need to take your drum tones to the next level.

  • TCI Files for use with Slate Trigger
  • Format-WAV files
  • Round robin samples including multiple velocites, and multiple mics
  • Direct, Overhead, Rooms and even a Hallway provide accurate realism
  • Kick, 2 Snares & 4 Toms all hit by Kevin Talley and tuned by Matt Brown