ToneCrate David Sanchez Havok Signature Kemper Bundle

Profile Pack for Kemper Profilers

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Kemper Profiler required

Inside this ToneCrate you are getting THE signature tone of the one and only DAVID SANCHEZ of HAVOK! For thrash metal legends touring the globe, tone isn't just really important...It's EVERYTHING, and that's exactly what you're getting inside this pack!

We meticulously crafted profiles of all of David's favorite amps directly with him in the studio using his favorite pedal and the guitar he uses live and in the studio. After auditioning several mic placements, amp and overdrive settings, and leaving no detail left unchecked - we are incredibly proud of the tones we created for you to riff with!

What You're Getting Inside This Pack:

  • Kemper Profiles of all of David's favorite amps including Peavey 6534+, Peavey 5150, Driftwood Purple Nightmare, Soldano Hot Rod 50+, Peavey Butcher, Sovtek MIG50 & Roland Jazz Chorus!
  • Profiles that are designed for both RIFFING and LEADS
  • Several cool FX profiles including a clean tone inspired by the classic THRASH records of the late 80s
  • Profiles that can be used in the studio AND live

System Requirements

  • This pack requires a Kemper Profiler hardware unit.