Sonuscore The Orchestra: Horns of Hell

Orchestral Horns Virtual Instrument for Kontakt Player

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Horns of Hell - the Gates Are Open!

Horns of Hell is our brand-new and massive brass, organ, and percussion library, including a total of 67 varied articulations. It features absolutely unique and earth-shattering sections, like mighty Tenor Horns, profoundly diabolic Evil Brass, or massive Organ.

Horns of Hell is powered by:

  • 48 powerful brass patches
  • 15 different organ registrations
  • Various drums, deep hits, tubular bells and a timpani
  • Naturally, it includes our much anticipated MIDI-Export feature.

Made To Be Felt

In the extremes of sound, where most instruments perish, HORNS OF HELL gains power. It expands the range of our symphonic flagship THE ORCHESTRA COMPLETE 2 far beyond its natural borders - in all directions.

The Ensemble

Horns of Hell is not just an entire brass, organ, and percussion library, it brings completely new and unheard articulations to your fingertips. It comes as an entire toolkit to create new and astonishing colors; composer and listener alike will most certainly catch its fire.

Experience True Power

  • Trumpet Ensemble (3 Players)
  • French Horn Ensemble (4 Players)
  • Tenor Horn Ensemble (4 Players)
  • Trombone Ensemble (3 Players)
  • Low Brass (2 Players)
  • Evil Brass (4 Players: Brass Trombone, Contrabass Trombone, Contrabass Tuba & Cimbasso)
  • 15 Organ Patches with 10 Manuals and 5 Pedal Registrations. Over 5000 Recorded Pipes!
  • Non-Pitched Percussion (Taikos, Tom Ensemble, Gran Cassa, Tam Tam, Snare Drum, Piatti, Suspended Cymbals)

European Brass Ensemble

We recorded a 20-piece brass ensemble split into 6 sections performed a variety of powerful and mind-blowing techniques for Horns of Hell. The vast expression and energy of these new articulations was captured in the classic room of Studio 22 in Budapest. All sections were recorded in their traditional seating position.

The Core: The Ensemble Engine

HORNS OF HELL comes with a reworked engine version of our critically acclaimed instrument THE ORCHESTRA, introducing our brand-new preset browser. Explore the massive selection of presets now using intuitive filters and categories.

The engine works through a number of independent arpeggiators and velocity envelopes, heavily inspired by our Sonuscore Origins-Series.

Create pulsating rhythms and even inspiring full arrangements from any combination of notes. All of this without relying on prerecorded phrases – you have full control.

It will work, no matter what chord or note you play. With minimum loading times, a vast amount of presets provides you with full ensemble colors right out of the box.

We fully integrated all drums and hits into our Engine, which enables completely new and intense arrangements.

  • Explore your presets using intuitive filters and categories
  • Independent arpeggiators and velocity envelopes create vivid and powerful orchestral colors
  • Load up to 5 different instruments in independent slots and play them together
  • Every slot can be assigned to one of five different modules

      System Requirements

      • Native Instruments Kontakt Player 6.2.2 and above OR Kontakt Full 6.2.2 and above
      • MacOS 10.10 Yosemite and above
      • Windows 7 and above (32 and 64-bit)
      • Intel Core 2 Duo / AMD Athlon 64 X2 CPU or better
      • 4GB RAM or more
      • 5.7GB free storage space

      User Manual