Sonuscore Dark Horizon

Bass-Heavy Instrument Library for Kontakt Player

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Cosmic Darkness

A journey into the future of sound turned dark and gritty fast.

Elysion's famous ensemble engine has been hijacked, augmented, and vaporized.

With the drifting cosmic remains, Dark Horizon molds the future into a dystopian atmosphere of massive basses, cosmic arps, and drifting pads.

Turn simple chords into unreal, nightmarish space-scapes, while moving the mod-wheel bends time and transports you into the dark, disparate corners of eldritch furies.

  • Dark Horizon is an earth-shattering bass-heavy synth built using synthesizers and a variety of sounds bent and warped into fascinating soundscapes and powerful low ends
  • Dark Horizon obliterates the subs but maintains a crisp and pristine sound
  • Dark Horizon is built from the same engine as Elysion, creating an even darker sound palette with new presets, themes, and effects
  • Play complex patterns with simple chords
  • 80 playable instruments

For Extraordinary and Dark Bass Sound

With a focus on dark, dirty bass sounds, Dark Horizon pushes levels and tones not yet explored by the Elysion series.

Our space engineer Tobias Menguser sent wavs into the far reaches of the cosmos, beyond the known universe, where only the terrifying nightmares and figments of reality lurk.

In those unknown places, the sounds were twisted and experimented upon, crafting a full sound palette of dark and low basses.

They mutated into growling instruments, screaming oscillations, and ground-shaking subs.

For Modern Producers and Score Composers

For ambient, modern electronic, and experimental music, Dark Horizon can bring new power into your work with its library of grinds and grooves.

For scoring and blockbusters, these sounds make for perfect tension-building underscore.

What's Included?

As the deep underbelly of the Elysion series, Dark Horizon is a powerful Kontakt instrument that resynthesizes orchestral sounds and sound FX along with a great variety of rare analog synths and FX boxes.

The resulting instruments are mind-crushing sounds, gut-wrenching themes, rhythmic arps, whirling pads, and a set of effects to push them even further beyond the imagination.

Ambient, Resynthesized, Cinematic

Dark Horizon pushes sounds into unrecognizable extremes, utilizing analog rack effects and extraordinary sound sources.

Use Dark Horizon as a scoring tool for any project that needs a dose of profound bass and gritty depth or use it as a really exceptional synth to create innovative melodies with outstanding sonic power.

Layered, Dirty, Powerful

With four layers of sounds and an onboard compressor, delay, and hall reverb, create unique and disturbing combinations for a truly original experience.

Each layer is linked to an independent arpeggiator and two pan engines, allowing you to easily create complex, evolving pads.

Sampling Redefined, Bursting with Expression and Variety

We recorded, sampled, and produced the sounds, treating them like acoustic instruments.

This results in an unimaginable dynamic and unprecedented sound. Integrated into our pathbreaking ensemble engine, Dark Horizon further expands our strongest composing lineup, together with Elysion 2 and The Orchestra.

A Whole New Experience

Dark Horizon is loaded with an abundance of exceptional instruments.

Together with the Ensemble Engine, the Motion Engine, and the Pan Engine, there are almost unlimited possibilities for creative sound development.

  • Experience the diversity of 80 instantly playable, bass-heavy instruments
  • Experience the infinite depth of over 1.2GB of sample content
  • Experience the flexibility of 180 complex animated and fully customizable themes

Score the Dark with Our Familiar User Interface

Users of Elysion and The Orchestra will find Dark Horizon's user interface familiar, with all the essential controls in the same places or intuitive to find.

Main Page

Select Instruments, presets, and control all layers from the main page. Play up to 4 instruments simultaneously.

Ensemble Page

Modify and perfect your sound to the very last detail with our critically-acclaimed ensemble engine. Create exciting new sonic experiences by simply playing some chords.

Mix Page

Mix and pan your layers and breathe live and dynamic variation into every single pattern.

Motion Engine

Customize the instruments fundamentally, steering e.g. attack or decay via Midi CC

Preset Browser

Explore the massive selection of presets using intuitive filters and categories.

Pan Engine

Create outstanding motion and effects by controlling and automating the panning of the sounds.

Powerful Features, Supernatural Workflow

Dark Horizon features our critically acclaimed ensemble technology, empowering you to create complex sounds by playing simple chords.

Modified Ensemble Engine

Dark Horizon uses a modified version of the Elysion ensemble engine.

This means you can play up to four different instrument modules at the same time, and each module allows independent controls for arpeggiators.

Using the mod-wheel unlocks an astounding filter effect that produces a great number of kinetic, digital possibilities.

Motion Engine

Dark Horizon comes with its own unique dynamic FX engine.

It allows the fundamental customization of the instruments, e.g. steering attack or decay via Midi CC.

Besides other FX the Motion Engine includes also two Pan Steppers, breathing live and variation into every pattern in no time.

Maximize Your Creativity

Dark Horizon comes with 180 complex animated and fully customizable themes, spread across five different categories.

Each category has its unique style and purpose, providing you with rhythmic elements, dark textures, or sounds that are perfect for playing melodies.

Poly Animations

Complex rhythms for chords that push the audio floor with movement and vibration.

The mod wheel modifies the arps and filters, increasing the tension, while introducing horn blasts, braahms, and drones.

Rhythmic Pulses

Low pulsing basses with complex arpeggiations reveal great dynamic range when the mod wheel is pushed, morphing the rhythms and raising the filters.

Mono Arpeggios

Legato arpeggios arranged in danceable grooves with the mod wheel pressing the frequencies and creating a much sharper tone.

Lowest Textures

Dark, tension-filled drones complimented by screeching impulses, filter swipes, and stellar reverb effects at the turn of the mod wheel.

Playable Sounds

Wide cosmic pads and gently gliding legatos, this set includes the bulk of the playable content.

The mod wheel releases all the built-up anger and tension as the frequencies push.

Export Your Custom Performance with MIDI Drag 'n' Drop

Once you have been inspired by a theme in Dark Horizon, drag and drop the arrangement of your performance to your DAW.

Now you are free to use it within every library you own.

Unleash the power of the ensemble engine onto your personal template, change notes, combine different patterns and make them your own.

Experience the incredible efficiency of Dark Horizon, Elysion 2, and The Orchestra merging together within your DAW.

System Requirements

  • Native Instruments Kontakt Player 6.6.1 and above OR Kontakt Full 6.6.1 and above
  • MacOS 10.13 High Sierra and above
  • Windows 7 and above (32 and 64-bit)
  • Intel, AMD, or Apple Silicon CPU
  • 4GB RAM or more (6GB or more recommended)
  • 2.3GB free storage space

User Manual

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