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Recording & Mixing Training

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Learn Recording, Mixing, And Music Production From Experts

For home recording enthusiasts and aspiring pros alike, we filmed an amazing series that will show you music production techniques used by the best in the industry.

Plus we show you how to do all of this in your home and/or project studio!

What do you get? A lot!

Yes, recording and mixing can be extremely complicated. This series of videos will make it much easier…and fun!

We've worked with dozens of the best Producers, Engineers, and Artists, and through them, we've learned a long list of common techniques used to make hit records.

Now we're going to show you how you can do the same in your inexpensive home studio.

Our training will take you through the basics you need to quickly get started, then much, much more. Now you can watch it all on your phone, tablet, or computer anywhere and anytime.