Prominy SR5 Rock Bass 2

Electric Bass Virtual Instrument for Kontakt Player

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NKS Format
Kontakt Player
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The true sound of MusicMan StingRay 5.

Includes over 26 GB, approx. 21,700 samples

New Features in Version 2

  • Incredible real-time playability – SR5 SPI (Super Performance Instrument)
  • Built-in effects and amp simulator
  • Heavy buzz sustain
  • Heavy hammer-on
  • Natural harmonics on all frets / all strings
  • A large number of new noise / FX samples
  • Improved polyphonic playing
  • Chord preset
  • User Chord
  • Customizable Strum Key
  • Arpeggio Key
  • Real down tuning samples included (as low as -4, that allows you to play the low G)
  • Intelligent Instrument Key Switch with chord recognition
  • NKS (Native Kontrol Standard) ready

Other Main Features

  • Fretboard Monitor
  • Realtime Legato Slide / Real-time Hammer-on & Pull-off
  • Direct signals from the bass guitar
  • Auto Stroke Detection
  • Perfect sampled sounds of all fret positions on every string.
  • Picking noises are recorded on all frets and strings.
  • Kontakt Player included - No sampler required!
  • The world's most powerful and largest library of a single bass guitar includes approx. 26 GB, 21,600 samples.

NKS (Native Kontrol Standard) ready 

Hummingbird officially supports NKS (Native Kontrol Standard) that allows for intuitive and seamless interaction between Hummingbird and KOMPLETE KONTROL and MASCHINE hardware. You can control major parameters via KOMPLETE KONTROL S series keyboard / Maschine hardware and software. KOMPLETE KONTROL S series keyboard’s Light Guide shows available key switches, playable key ranges of each articulation.