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The Basics

iLok is a copy protection method used by many of our brands.

It has 3 types of activations, iLok USB, iLok Machine, and iLok Cloud.

Different brands/products will offer different iLok methods. iLok USB is always an option, but the availability of iLok Cloud and iLok Machine methods is at the discretion of the software developer.

iLok Account

For all iLok protected products, you will need an iLok account. You can create one for free here:!registration

iLok License Manager

To manage your iLok licenses, there is a dedicated app called iLok License Manager. This app is used to register, activate, and move your licenses between locations.

You can download the latest installers from the iLok website:!home

iLok USB Key

iLok USB

This activation is stored on an iLok 2 or 3 USB key.

It is the best option for portability, if you frequently move between multiple machines, and offline use.

iLok Machine ID

Machine ID

This activation is stored locally on your computer.

While this is a convenient way to work offline, and does not require the additional cost of an iLok USB, there is the risk of a license being lost in the case of a drive failure.

This option also requires extra care when you upgrade to a new computer, the license(s) must be deactivated on your old machine first to ensure you do not lose them.

iLok Cloud

iLok Cloud

This activation is based online, and requires a "cloud session" using the iLok License Manager.

It requires an active internet connection for the entire time you use the plugin(s).

Everything You Need to Record, Produce, Mix, Master, and Perform.

Studio One 6 makes creating fast and easy with new Smart Templates, intuitive drag-and-drop workflow, a customizable user interface and powerful, integrated tools.

Smart Templates

Quick-start essential workflows for recording, mixing, mastering, beat production, or simply playing a virtual instrument, all with a single click.

Making a beat?

Load a Smart Template with Pattern editing already open and only the features you need visible.

Mixing audio?

Open a Smart Template with your favorite channel strips loaded and a drop zone to quickly load stems.

Just getting started?

Each Smart Template provides step-by-step instructions in a dedicated Tutorial window to guide you through your first production.

Drag-And-Drop Everything

Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to recording, Studio One's pioneering drag-and-drop workflow makes every creator's process faster and easier.

Add Audio Loops, Virtual Instruments, and Effects

Drag plug-ins, audio files and more just by dragging them in from Studio One's innovative Browser. Studio One creates the tracks for you!

Copy FX Chains

Drag and drop every insert from one channel to another!

Extract Chords and Tempo Maps

Any source can become a source of inspiration with a quick drag and drop.

Collaboration Simplified

Upload and download files to and from your PreSonus Sphere Workspaces with drag-and-drop.

Sound Replacement

Replace drum sounds with samples simply by dragging the source track to an Impact XT track.

Customizable User Interface

The all-new Customization Editor lets you view only the tools you need for the task at hand by creating a custom user interface that works for you, and you can save your unique customization settings for instant recall.

Beginner Customizations

Default customizations are available for essential workflows so you can start with only the functions you need and add new tools as you’re ready to learn more.

Advanced Customizations

Create our own customizations from the default options and hide nearly every tool or feature you don't need to clear away distractions at any time.

Introducing Video Track

All-new video editing essentials, directly in Studio One.

Unlimited Video Clips

Work on multiple reels of a feature film or an entire YouTube video in one session, with no limit on the number of video clips. Set the correct offset just by dragging the clip to the desired time position

Drag-and-Drop Video Editing

Trim, cut/copy/paste, slip, time and edit locks, ripple edit, duplicate, and replace making it easy to swap in the latest edit.

Embedded Audio

Embedded audio can be processed in its own dedicated sub-track or edited separately.

Multiple Export Formats

Export in Quicktime, MPEG-4, or M4V with all the same audio export flexibility Studio One provides.

Powerful Production Tools

NEW! Lyrics Track

Add Lyrics to your production whether you're working with MIDI, audio, or both. Even use your words to navigate your session!

Beat Making Tools Built In

Make beats fast with integrated pattern editing and live looping.

Chord Track

From pop ballads to rap anthems, the Chord Track lets you experiment with new chord progressions until your next hit song comes to life, no music theory degree required.

Powerful Comping Tools

Assembling the perfect vocal-take is simple, efficient, and fun.

Arranger Track

Rearrange or preview a new song structure with a simple drag and drop.

Scratch Pads

Test out remix ideas or just capture a synth riff without affecting your arrangement or creating a new session.

Advanced Melodyne Integration

Make time and pitch-correcting audio quick and easy.


Patterns reinvent step sequencing, letting you effortlessly create drums, basslines, and synth leads using variable sequence lengths, unlimited variations, and more.

Harmonic Editing

Only Studio One features harmonic editing for both audio and MIDI.

Multitrack Tools

Edit multitrack drums blazingly fast thanks to advanced transient detection, slicing, and time-stretching.

Mix Sessions Faster than Ever

Remove glitches and polish performances with Clip Gain Envelopes, insert plug-in effects on a single audio event, and get the best start for your mix with input gain and polarity controls in the Console.

NEW! Channel Overview Window

A single, consolidated view of all channel parameters make getting the perfect mix that much easier.

NEW! Fader Flip

One-click, intuitive fader control of all Channel Sends to effects or Cue mixes.

NEW! Track Presets

Recreate your go-to mix techniques fast, from a single track to complete drum kit.

Mix Scenes

Save a complete mix snapshot and recall it in its entirety, or filter to recall only the parameters you want.

Virtual Instruments and Sounds

Ignite your imagination with hundreds of included samples and loops plus world-class virtual instruments. Or combine multiple instruments to design your own unique sound.

Impact XT

Create beats faster than ever with our comprehensive rhythm production environment.

Sample One XT

Build your own sampled instrument with Sample One XT's intuitive interface.

Presence XT

From real-world to really wild, Presence XT is loaded with deeply-sampled instruments.

NEW! MPE Support

Sample One XT, Presence XT, and Mai Tai all now support MPE MIDI controllers.

Add Even More

Deep Flight One, Studio Grand, and PreSonus Symphonic Orchestra Add-ons, all are included with a PreSonus Sphere membership.

Effects Plug-Ins

Supercharge your mixing and get inspired for your productions with Studio One's complete suite of included effects plug-ins.


State Space Models of classic guitar and bass rigs for uncannily realistic re-creations of your favorite tones.

NEW! De-esser

Dial in the amount of S-Reduction for taming harsh frequencies.

NEW! Vocoder

Harmonize spoken words and percussion loops or get wild with robotic vocals


The latest incarnation provides soloing on each band for surgical adjustments plus a per-band dynamic mode to tame unruly frequencies.

Mix Engine FX

Add analog soul to your digital productions with our proprietary Mix Engine FX plug-ins that provide State-Space models of classic analog consoles for any bus.

Modern Composition Tools

Studio One combines the best of traditional scoring and modern sequencing. You get advanced notation features from our award-winning Notion notation software. Sound Variations make it easy to manage and control articulations in complex virtual instruments and orchestral libraries.

Traditional Notation, Drum Notation, and Tablature

Edit your music in whatever format you prefer. Scores can even be printed directly from Studio One.

Multiple Views

Switch between Score View, Drum View, and Piano View, or look at the same note data in different Views all at the same time!

Musical Symbol Support

Trigger Sound Variations by simply placing their musical symbols onto the Score View.

Words and Music

NEW! Lyrics Track lets you add words to music! Assign whole words or syllables directly to notes.

System Requirements

  • Intel, AMD, or Apple Silicon CPU

Crossgrade Proof

This crossgrade is for owners of a competing DAW. To prove your DAW ownership, we require that you upload proof in the form of an image/PDF.

Types of proof

A copy of your purchase receipt for the original license or the most recent update/upgrade

A screenshot of your product registration

A photo of your package (either CD/DVD or printed manual), with the unique serial number included in the photo.