Overloud SuperCabinet Library: Jensen Electric Lightning 10-50

IR Library for SuperCabinet

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This is a systematic capture of a Jensen Electric Lightning 10-50 speaker, from the Jet Series, installed in two different enclosures for a total of 608 IRs:

  • 1x10" Open Back cabinet
  • 2x10" Open Back cabinet

Developed in conjunction with a Jensen Speakers product specialist, in order to recreate the most authentic playing experience, as if you were playing an original speaker.

Discover the Jensen Electric Lightning 10-50

The Electric Lightning 10 shines and shimmers with clean tones, because of its exceptional response in the treble range.

The midrange and bass may seem slightly subdued, yet the tonal balance is remarkably even.

The Electric Lightning 10 cuts through any mix, with powerful articulation, as captured by the 19 microphones in each of the 16 positions that Overloud has perfected.

Made for the SuperCabinet

This library was created for the TH-U Supercabinet that allows you to:

  • Graphically browse the IRs in the library
  • Blend multiple IRs and create totally custom and huge stereo guitar tones
  • Compose new cabinet tones with the unique Multiband mode
  • Export your crafted IRs in .wav format for use with all major hardware modelers and software IR loaders

System Requirements

  • Overloud SuperCabinet or TH-U Premium