Overloud REmatrix: Rafa Sardina Spaces

Reverb Library for Rematrix and Free Rematrix Player

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The Reverb Chains of A Grammy-Winning Engineer

Rafa Sardina Spaces is a REmatrix library created by sampling Rafa's reverb chains at the Los Angeles Afterhours Studios.

In order to faithfully replicate the reverbs of his 17 Latin Grammy albums, his reverb chains and the hardware in which he runs his rack reverbs through have been captured. This includes the legendary EMI mixing console that offers a truly unique and distinctive coloration. 

Extensive Capturing

The library includes:

  • 170 IRs
  • 200 Presets with a particular focus on vocals, percussions, guitars, keyboards, and acoustic instruments
  • The effect chain needed to reproduce the dynamic and the nonlinear components of the reverbs

Gear List

The Afterhours Studios is equipped with the following reverb units:

  • AKG Acoustics ADR 68K
  • Eventide H8000
  • Eventide 2016
  • Bricasti M7
  • Sony DRE-S777
  • Lexicon 960L

These units are sent through the legendary EMI "Abbey Road" mixing console as well as API and Pultec EQs to shape their tone and add a magic analog vibe.

Load Into Rematrix Player

This library includes the free REmatrix player plug-in that allows you to load any IR and preset included into the library. Alternatively, you can load this library into REmatrix for enhanced tweaking and editing of the included IRs.