MIA Laboratories Musiqual Super Bundle

6 Plugin Bundle

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AAX Native - Compatible with Pro Tools 11 and above
AudioUnits Format VST2 Format
iLok Cloud compatible, dongle optional
iLok Dongle Required
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This bundle includes:

  • Musiqual Blue MKII
  • Musiqual Green MKII
  • Musiqual Red MKII
  • Super Thin
  • Super Fat
  • Super Muscle

The Musiqual Series tools (Red, Green, Blue) encapsulate all the characteristics and inner workings of their analog counterparts and provide the user with a simple way to achieve the perfect combination of tone and color.

Super Fat, Super Thin, and Super Muscle are a unique combination of the Musiqual EQs, with a final magic touch of Pi&Phi that sets you “One knob away” from your desired outcome!

Musiqual Red possesses a strong Tube flavor, boasting 31 pre-set frequency bands very familiar to Tube enthusiasts, across generations. The way that adds or subtracts color is however more intense and is accompanied by a profound change in timbre. Its sound is of the type that the passionate Tube enthusiast lives for.

Musiqual Green is a semi-parametric EQ, delivering a fairly transparent sound with the ‘transistor’ flavor that is so characteristic of analog technology. Musiqual GREEN liberates the user by not restricting one into preset bands, therefore leaving them complete access to the full frequency range.

Musiqual Blue is committed to delivering a digital – yet so analog – equalization, with a very vivid flavor one can almost ‘taste’. An exquisite EQ with 16-bands to choose from, forged from the experience gained over countless working hours on Class A analog equipment.

Super Fat maximizes low frequencies in a friendly way to the new generation of sound systems. Adds the desired extra Grease in your sound with the turn of just one knob. Recommended for club mixes and genres such as Techno, Dub, Reggae, and RnB.

Super Thin is the most delicate member of the Super plugins, it adds brilliance without harshness. Recommended for dull sounds, will make them louder on smaller systems such as laptops, phones etc. Lifts up that track and gives it some ethereal essence.

Super Muscle increases perceived loudness and presence without compression. Recommended for low loudness files such as mp3’s. Want it loud and proud? This is one of your best weapons!