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iLok is a copy protection method used by many of our brands.

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The most powerful suite of songwriting tools ever assembled in one program

Why struggle to find the right word when you can have all the possibilities in an instant?  Free your mind to create and let MasterWriter do the rest.


A Rhyming dictionary with over 100,000 entries and 36,000 Rhymed Phrases. Filters allow you to search on perfect, close and wide rhymes which gives you more choices and helps you to express yourself in a more creative way.  You can also search by syllable and on phrases that rhyme.


A Phrases dictionary with over 33,000 phrases, sayings, and word combinations. Your own personal idea factory that allows you to search by any word contained in the phrase.

Word Families

A unique and revolutionary reference dictionary that opens up a new world of possibilities for descriptive words, far beyond that which you will find in a thesaurus.

The extended entries in Word Families are words that relate to the search word and in certain cases, can replace it in a more creative and imaginative way. They can also be used to intensify the search word.

Speech Types

Gives you all the different Figures of Speech including Intensifiers. Filters allow you to be more specific in your searches and makes this one-of-a-kind reference dictionary an invaluable tool for the songwriter.


The only electronic version of The Synonym Finder, which in our opinion, is the best thesaurus on the market.


Filters allow you to be more specific in your searches. In Rhymes, you can search on perfect, close and wide rhymes, as well as Phrases and rhymes from our World dictionary. You can also search by syllable. Other dictionaries allow you to search by usage, part of speech, positive, negative, intensity and more.


What makes accessing the reference dictionaries so useful is the ability to collect multiple entries from every dictionary. Double-clicking on any entry will automatically collect it to your song. Having a number of options to choose from will help you to express yourself in a unique and more meaningful way.

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