Impact Soundworks Pearl Concert Grand

Grand Piano Library for Kontakt Player

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Our flagship grand piano instrument features a beautifully-recorded Yamaha C7 with four microphone perspectives, each offering a unique and lush sound. Pearl is a true joy to play, edited and mixed to perfection, and suitable for almost any style of composition - classical pieces, cinematic works, pop, jazz, blues, and more. Pearl makes an excellent addition to any sample collection. If you’re like us, you’ll find yourself reaching for it every time.

New in Version 2.0

Based on years of customer feedback, we released version 2.0 of Pearl in September 2018. This version is a total rewrite of the playback and performance engine of Pearl without changing the lovely recordings. Users of v1 will find the interface mostly familiar, but editing capabilities, pedal realism, and noise have all been greatly improved.

We've also upgraded the library to Kontakt 5.5, allowing for full NKS (Maschine / Komplete Kontrol) compatibility, snapshots, and other handy features.


When we first played this magnificent grand piano in its concert hall, we fell in love. We decided we simply had to capture it and craft a timeless virtual instrument - and that's exactly what we did. The beautiful tone of Pearl, captured through each of the four microphone positions, truly 'sings' with each key press. The default tuning, velocity curve, and mixing settings are all set to inspire your compositions and musical creativity.

A powerful yet unencumbered user interface provides very easy control over all aspects of the sound, such as mic mixing, channel EQ, tuning, and velocity response. By simply adjusting the mic mix alone, you can achieve drastically different timbres.

We know that as soon as you load Pearl and beginning playing, you will have the same reaction we did when we played this piano for the first time.


The interface of Pearl is every bit as elegant and beautiful as the piano itself. On the main page, each microphone can be effortlessly mixed, with per-channel EQ, stereo width, compression, and optional routing to different KONTAKT outputs. The settings page offers fine control over "under-the-hood" controls such as volume envelope, velocity response, tuning (and micro-tuning), and noise volume.

With an assortment of presets included, customizing Pearl for your DAW or MIDI controller couldn't be easier!

We've also included a powerful effects rack for further mixing and processing. In addition to analog-modeled tape saturation, compression, EQ, and transient design, the convolution reverb comes with 31 custom impulse responses. These range from natural spaces like concert and recital halls to studio rooms and shimmering digital bliss.


  • Yamaha C7 recorded in a concert hall
  • 14,000+ samples provided as 16 and 24-bit
  • Four mic positions: close, pedal, stage, hall
  • 8 dynamic (velocity) layers per note
  • 2 round-robin variations per note
  • All samples recorded pedal-on and off
  • Chromatic key release and pedal noises


  • Elegant and powerful script interface
  • Per-mic FX, offset, and width tweaks
  • Make your own velocity, brightness, volume curves
  • Edit special tweaks for individual notes
  • Microtuning (with alternate classical tunings presets included)
  • Optional "Light" patches saving up to 85% RAM
  • KONTAKT PLAYER compatible


  • 12GB disk space (16-bit samples)
  • 27GB disk space (24-bit samples)
  • KONTAKT or KONTAKT PLAYER version 5.6 or higher
  • 4GB of RAM required for 1-2 mic positions
  • 8GB of RAM recommended to load all mic positions simultaneously
  • 7200 RPM hard drive or solid-state drive recommended