GGD Federico Paulovic Grooves MIDI Pack

Signature MIDI Drum Pack - Played by Federico Paulovic

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Get Grooving with Fede

Federico Paulovich is an anomaly. He's got chops for days, he can groove in any style, and his understanding of time and feel is absolutely next level... which is why we're so excited to bring you his brand new fill and groove pack! If you're looking to write in crazy time signatures, or looking for mind-bending fills and linear grooves, then Fede's pack will have you covered and then some.

Fede put a lot of time into mapping out his crazy ideas to help you kick-start your creative process with grooves that will undoubtedly force you out of the box right away, while giving you plenty of options for every step of your songwriting process. Frankly, we can't wait to see how you utilize this pack, so have at it, and enjoy this very fun, abstract, and one-of-a-kind groove pack!