GGD MIDI Pack: Blake Richardson Grooves

MIDI Drum Grooves played by Blake Richardson

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Blake Richardson has been a household name for drummers especially for more than ten years, and rightfully so. Can he groove? YES. Can he chop? YES. Does he write some of the sickest, most complex yet tasty drum parts for his band, Between the Buried and Me? ABSOLUTELY. And this is why he's going to be a household name for you too.

We've teamed up with Blake and he's written brand new, sickly complex yet even more tasty drum parts for YOU. Introducing the all new Blake Richardson Groove pack, with endless options for whatever your musical creations require from a drummer. Get inspired and craft some of your coolest music yet, with the Blake Richardson Groove Pack NOW.

Getting Started with MIDI Packs

Groove packs can be used in a variety of different ways, from building a song from scratch to helping inspire a new feel or direction to help finish a composition. Each groove has a ton of variations, fills and accents to help push your creativity.

It is also a great learning tool, helping a non-drummer visualize and understand how a drummer approaches writing parts, dynamic tendencies, and composition. This can be equally useful for a drummer to get inside the mind of another player to break out of old patterns.

They can also be a great way to build your own beats. For example, you could take just the hand patterns from a groove and write in your own kick pattern for a completely unique feel.