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Apple Silicon Compatible
AAX Native - Compatible with Pro Tools 11 and above
AudioUnits Format Standalone Format VST2 Format VST3 Format
Free iLok account required, USB dongle optional
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The #1 Virtual Instrument Subscription For Composers, Producers, and Musicians

With ComposerCloud+, you get access to all EastWest instruments and every new addition for a single monthly fee, including strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion, world instruments, guitars, drums, pianos, synths, and much more - all downloadable with a single click.

Instant Access

Audition and download any instrument from ComposerCloud+ in seconds. Activate your licenses on your computer directly or with an iLok key and start using instruments in your DAW immediately.

Royalty Free

All EastWest instruments are 100% royalty free for commercial use, including millions of samples, phrases, loops, and presets - you keep the rights to everything you create, forever.

Full Orchestra

Instant access to the entire Hollywood Orchestra collection and its brand new expansions with hundreds of articulations.

The best-selling and most awarded virtual orchestra ever released.

Double winner of the 2022 TEC Award for Best Musical Instrument Software and the Sound on Sound Award for Best Software Instrument, the first time in history one product has won both!

Synths And FX

Comprehensive synth suites, hybrid collections, and scoring tools perfect for cinematic film and game soundtracks, EDM, pop, hip hop, and more. And now includes Forbidden Planet, a brand new hybrid synth plugin featuring over 600 expertly crafted morphing synths.

World Instruments

Percussion, string, woodwind, vocal instruments and more from traditional cultures in Africa, the Americas, Europe, East Asia, India, and the Middle East.


Solo and choral performances in nearly every style, including classical, opera, soul, and traditional performances from around the world.

For Hollywood Choirs, Symphonic Choirs, and Hollywood Backup Singers, type in words and listen as the WordBuilder engine reproduces them flawlessly in any key.

Rock and Pop

Create realistic hit records with crunchy guitars, punchy basses, and powerful drum kits on demand, perfect for classic rock and metal alike. Or grab blazing pop brass sections and funky loops and beats.


The most responsive collection of concert grands and pianos to date, featuring up to 18 velocity layers, up to 3 mic positions, and 8 separate articulations.

Includes Bechstein D-280, Steinway D, Bösendorfer 290, and Yamaha C7.

Cinematic Percussion

Thundering, earth-rattling drums you can instantly drop into the most intense film and game soundtracks, perfect for blockbuster-style hybrid orchestral scores.

Opus Engine

Hyper-fast loading, pulling only the samples you need, at the moment you need them. Advanced routing and mic positions, extensive processing capabilities, custom macros & controller mappings, on-demand instrument loading, and more.

Native M1 Silicon & M.2 PCIe

OPUS runs natively on Apple’s M1 chip and PC M.2 solid state drives, allowing for near-zero load times on higher-end machines, so you can use every optimization your rig offers.

Hollywood Orchestrator

Compose blockbuster soundtracks in seconds. Simply load in the instruments you want, alter an existing preset or create your own, then play a note - OPUS will handle the rest.

The Most Awarded Collection

With over 100 awards to their name, EastWest's tools have been legendary in the audio industry for years.

Now with more deeply-sampled instruments, cinematic library expansions and the new streamlined OPUS engine, you can have more and better tools than ever at a fraction of the price.

What is ComposerCloud+?

ComposerCloud+ is the largest, most-awarded virtual instrument collection on the planet.

ComposerCloud+ features all of the diamond or platinum versions of our award-winning virtual instruments collections including all available mic positions to provide the ultimate control of the placement of your instruments in the mix.

ComposerCloud+ is perfect for anyone involved in music creation who needs access to the most awarded collection of virtual instruments used by the top professionals of the music, film, television, and game industries.

How does a ComposerCloud+ membership work?

ComposerCloud+ subscribers can search, audition, and download individual instruments in seconds from the browser in our brand new OPUS engine.

You only need to download each instrument once.

Once downloaded, you can access the instruments on your local computer or hard drive.

When you need more instruments, go back to ComposerCloud+ and download more. In some cases you may need to download a complete product, for example, to use Hollywood Orchestrator you need to download both Hollywood Orchestrator and the complete Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition.

You can download these at the Installation Center.

What is included in ComposerCloud+?

  • String Machine
  • Forbidden Planet
  • Opus
  • Hollywood Orchestrator Action Pack
  • Hollywood Orchestrator Adventure Pack
  • Hollywood Strings Diamond
  • Hollywood Brass Diamond
  • Hollywood Orchestral Woodwinds Diamond
  • Hollywood Orchestral Percussion Diamond
  • Hollywood Harp Diamond
  • Hollywood Solo Cello Diamond
  • Hollywood Solo Violin Diamond
  • Hollywood Backup Singers
  • Hollywood Pop Brass
  • Voices of Opera
  • Voices of Soul
  • Spaces II
  • Voices of the Empire
  • Hollywood Choirs
  • The Dark Side
  • Fab Four
  • Ghostwriter
  • Goliath
  • Gypsy
  • Symphonic Choirs Platinum
  • Symphonic Orchestra Platinum Strings
  • Symphonic Orchestra Platinum Brass
  • Symphonic Orchestra Platinum Woodwinds
  • Symphonic Orchestra Platinum Percussion
  • Pianos Platinum Bechstein D-280
  • Pianos Platinum Bosendorfer 290
  • Pianos Platinum Steinway D
  • Pianos Platinum Yamaha C7
  • Ministry Of Rock 1
  • Ministry Of Rock 2
  • ProDrummer Spike Stent/Doug Rogers
  • ProDrummer Joe Chiccarelli/Doug Rogers
  • Ra
  • Silk
  • Stormdrum 2
  • Stormdrum 2 Pro
  • Stormdrum 3
  • Voices of Passion
  • 56' Stratocaster
  • Adrenaline
  • BT Breakz
  • BT Twisted Textures
  • Drum n Bass
  • Electronica
  • Funky Ass Loops
  • Guitar & Bass
  • Hypnotica
  • Ill Jointz
  • Aerosmith's Joey Kramer Drums
  • Percussive Adventures 1
  • Percussive Adventures 2
  • Phat & Phunky
  • Public Enemy
  • Scoring Tools
  • Smoov Grooves
  • Steve Stevens Guitar
  • Stormdrum 1 Loops
  • Stormdrum 1 MuItiSamples
  • Symphonic Adventures

System Requirements

  • MacOS 10.13 High Sierra and above
  • Windows 7 and above (64-bit only)
  • Intel, AMD, or Apple Silicon CPU
  • 16GB RAM or more (32GB or more recommended)

Plugin Formats

AAX Native, AU, VST2, and Standalone