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Mechanical Sound FX - Huge, Medium, Small & Tiny

Our sound effects library Mechanicals brings everything you need to easily design the sound of mechanical processes.

From simple clicking, sliding, rattling or snapping to the most complex mechanical procedures like opening complicated vault doors and treasure chests.

Your project features some huge machines, robots or powerful mechs? Then this SFX library is your creative tool box.

We bring you the next essential addition to your daily sound design resources, as always delivered in top-notch audio quality that BOOM Library is renowned for.

Mechanicals Construction Kit

A treasure Chest with More than 2000 Single Source Recordings.

In order to provide unlimited possibilities, we included more than 2.000 single source sound FX in more than 560 files.

Choose from a sheer endless number of clicks, snaps, movements, complex sound sequences, rattling, rolling, Sliding, springs, turns & sweeteners.

Different sizes, multiple variations and a huge palette of different machines and mechanism sounds give you full flexibility to enter a new world of outstanding sound effects.

Sonic Characteristic: As Dry and Close as Possible

We recorded the mechanicals sound effects with only small reverberation rooms to give you as much flexibility as possible.

Therefore, the dry and very close sounds can easily be integrated into other reverberation rooms.

After that, you can add as much reverb to your sounds as you need.


Create Complex Mechanisms in Light-Speed

Mechanicals Designed will let you create fascinating and complex mechanical sound effects in just a few minutes.

Complicated vault doors, secret mechanisms, clockworks, huge, small or tiny machinery, drawbridges, mechanical processes of any size, you name it.

You don't have time to edit single sound files to create a fitting mechanical sound process? No worries, we have already done this for you and we promise, these sounds will fit to your special needs.

Flexible & Diverse Sound Options

Mechanicals Designed comes with more than 350 pre-designed and ready-to-use sounds organized by size (LARGE, MEDIUM, SMALL, TINY) in 96 files.

Each file contains four often heavily alternating variations of the sound to give you more flexibility and less repetitive sound options.

The sounds come as 96kHz/24bit WAV files, ready to further process them as you desire.


The bundle – the best of both worlds at a discounted price.

The Bundle gives you the full sound design power as it contains both the DESIGNED and the CONSTRUCTION KIT edition at a discounted price.

What We Recorded

The recordings for MECHANICALS were very interesting because we searched quite some time to find a collector of really rare, old, strange and charming machines (i.a. a successor of the famous Enigma).

In the end, we were surprised by some very unique sounds.

Everywhere where mechanics took place, we pointed our microphones towards it and captured the sound.

We recorded tiny and wispy mechanics as well as huge machines and old, almost forgotten slot machines from the 1900s.

For instance, chocolate and gaming machines, type writers, check writers and printing machines.