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The Light Version of Chris Hein Orchestral Brass

Orchestral Brass Compact is the light-version of Chris Hein Orchestra Brass Complete. It offers the same number of instruments: three trumpets, three trombones, and three french horns, being recorded as nine individual instruments and three ensembles.

Because of its exceptional and highly versatile sound quality Orchestral Brass Compact is a perfect addition to any orchestral library, especially for productions with brass instruments playing a prominent role; be it in classical compositions, epic film-scores or orchestral pop music.

For the compact edition, we assembled the most important and common articulations and functions of the complete edition. At the same time, this brass-library doubtlessly meets the highest expectations of sound quality, expression, and applicability. The library's instruments use meticulously, carefully prepared multi-samples with detailed phase-alignment for phase-correct blends and crossfades of dynamic layers. Up to eight dynamic layers guarantee realistically sounding results.

Among the undeniable highlights of the library are true legato, variable attacks per note, innovative play-aids such as hot keys, note heads, and MIDI remote controllability of all functions via TouchOSC.

Chris Hein Orchestral Brass Compact relies on Native Instruments' powerful sample-engine Kontakt Player with its custom-tailored user-interface and extensive scripting to live up to the specific requirements of these instruments.

Orchestral Brass Sounds Tailored to Perfection

Both the high-quality gear such as selected Neumann microphones and the musician's significant performaces drive the sound aesthetics. Unlike the award-winning Chris Hein Horns, this library takes advantage of the renowned WDR Symphonic Orchestra.

For this library, dry close miking was an intentional decision. All instruments were recorded individually avoiding any crosstalk. Despite that CH Orchestral Brass Compact incorporated the inevitable interaction of an orchestra. Therefore, the participating musicians used headphone monitoring, to complement each other.

Due to the sample engine's dual convolution reverbs and the intentionally dry sound of Chris Hein - Orchestral Brass Compact, you can easily adapt the instruments to various situations. The Kontakt Player permits free instrument-placement in the stereo panorama. In addition, separate convolution engines for both the corpus-sound (body) and the ambience (room) allow creating any spatial environment, ranging from close intimacy to large orchestral halls. This makes CH Orchestral Brass Compact significantly different from many competitors and their fixed spatial characteristics. It makes this library greatly variable and, additionally, combinable with almost any other library available.