VSL is switching to iLok

Switching from eLicenser to iLok

Vienna Symphonic Library enters a new era of easy installation procedures, license management, and even using their products with or without a physical USB key!

While this is good news, particularly for users who prefer cloud authorization to dongles, the transition to iLok will require you to convert your existing VSL products as soon as possible. It's important to know that while your existing eLicenser authorizations will still work for some time, eLicenser will eventually be phased out, and it’s recommended that you convert your Vienna products to iLok at your next opportunity.

VSL has created the Vienna Assistant to ease the conversion to iLok and will be managing the conversion of its users' Vienna licenses to iLok in stages, like boarding a plane in groups, to prevent congestion. Priority will be given to users who purchase now or have purchased recently, since all new purchases require iLok authorization. (iLok and eLicenser may not be used simultaneously for the same software or plug-ins on the same computer.)

Here are the steps:

  1. If you don't have an iLok account, create one for free.
  2. Download and install the latest iLok License Manager.
  3. Register your iLok User ID at MyVSL.
  4. Transfer your licenses to your iLok account by clicking the green "Deposit" button at MyVSL/MyProducts.
  5. Open the iLok License Manager on your computer and activate your licenses. You can place your licenses either on a physical iLok Key (iLok 2 or iLok 3) or in the iLok Cloud (except for Free Instruments whose protection can only be machine-based or key-based).
  6. Use the new Vienna Assistant to download and install your iLok protected software products and sample libraries. Please note that the iLok protected software applications will replace the eLicenser versions on your computer. The library content you will install contains all previous library and preset updates, so you’ll have the most current version on your system. The Vienna Assistant offers an option to delete your old eLicenser protected libraries (sample content) to save space.
  7. Open and save your existing projects.

After you have installed all iLok protected software components and sample content, open the project in your DAW. When your computer is online, the VSL part of your project will be converted in the background. Then save the project again and you're done. When your music computer is offline, you need to connect your ViennaKey/USB eLicenser with the corresponding licenses to open and save your project. The online solution guarantees that you will always be able to convert your projects in years to come, without the need to keep intact physical eLicenser keys.

Continued Usage of eLicenser

eLicenser protected software and library products will keep on working on existing systems. If you have one, the Vienna Protection Plan will continue to be active for the rest of its term. You can use your eLicenser licenses as long as you like, and as long as the eLicenser Control Center and the latest available eLicenser-protected VSL Software and libraries are running under your operating system.

However, Steinberg's eLicenser License Server will not be available forever. Once it shuts down, license downloads to and license transfers between ViennaKeys/USB eLicensers will no longer be possible. Even after the eLicenser License Server has gone, you will be able to use Vienna’s eLicenser protected products on your computer, with your eLicenser plugged in, for as long as it works under your computer’s operating system.

eLicenser protected content will remain available for download at MyVSL and can be retrieved using the classic Vienna Download Manager. It can’t be installed using the new Vienna Assistant.

Please note that you can't use both the eLicenser and the iLok version of a software application (e.g., Vienna Synchron Player) on the same computer. Technically, you could run the eLicenser version of one software (e.g., Vienna Instruments Pro) and the iLok version of another software (e.g., Vienna Synchron Player) on one computer, but we don't recommend this in the long run. It's best to convert all of your Vienna products to iLok at your next best opportunity.

Starting now, when you purchase any of Vienna's products, only iLok compatible licenses will be issued. Once you make your first iLok compatible purchase, you can transfer all of your registered VSL licenses to your iLok account by clicking on the green “Deposit” button at MyVSL and all of your licenses will be available in the iLok License Manager for activation. Nevertheless, you can continue to use your eLicenser protected content and software. At one point you will have to decide if you’re using eLicenser or iLok protection in your working environment, especially when you’d like to use the products you’ve purchased after March 10, 2022, or when Vienna’s legacy software is not compatible anymore with your computer's operating system.

You will receive an iLok license for every single registered permanent product license in your VSL account. For technical reasons, the licenses of the following legacy products are not going to be transferred to your iLok account:

  • Vienna Ensemble Pro versions 3/4/5/6
  • Numerical Sound FORTI/SERTI (IRs for Vienna Suite, discontinued in 2014)
  • Inspired Acoustics INSP:IR (IRs for Vienna Suite, discontinued in 2014)

The following products will be available with iLok protection a bit later:

  • Vienna Suite (Vienna Suite Pro is already available with iLok protection)
  • VI Vienna Imperial Vienna
  • MIR Pro Plug-in

The plug-in version of MIR is the one that you can instantiate directly in your DAW. The MIR version that’s implemented in Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 is already available with iLok protection.

Theft and Loss Coverage

With the availability of iLok and its options, VSL no longer offers ViennaKeys, nor the Vienna Protection Plan. The Vienna Protection Plan continues to cover only VSL eLicenser licenses on ViennaKeys/USB eLicensers for its remaining term.

If you're using a physical iLok key, we suggest activating iLok’s Theft and Loss Coverage (only available on iLok 3 keys, not on iLok 2 keys), in combination with Zero Downtime. Both of these are offered through PACE.

In the unfortunate case of a broken, lost or stolen iLok key, please place an RMA (Return Merchandize Authorization) directly with iLok. Here is a walkthrough of the process.

If you subscribe to iLok's Zero Downtime, temporary licenses are immediately deposited so that you can continue working while your RMA order is processed. In case you don't have an active Zero Downtime subscription, contact VSL at support@vsl.co.at. Replacements for licenses contained on lost/stolen iLok keys will be available at 25% of the list price (minimum fee: $55).

What else is new?

Vienna Instruments Pro, the advanced player, is now free and comes with every purchase of a VI Series product! Vienna Instruments, the free sample player, has been discontinued. Existing DAW projects based on the Vienna Instruments player will open with the iLok version of the Vienna Instruments Pro player.

VI Standard Libraries of Collections and Single Instruments have been discontinued. Only VI Full Libraries are available, at lower prices! Users of registered VI Standard Libraries will always be able to upgrade to the VI Full Libraries.