Joey Sturgis shows first teaser of Bassforge!

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Joey Sturgis shows first teaser of Bassforge!

Bassforge is the upcoming, and long-awaited bass counterpart to the popular Toneforge series of amp simulator plugins from Joey Sturgis Tones.

"It's coming alright? And we've got your #clank so don't even worry about it." - Joey Sturgis

The first product in the range will be Bassforge Hellraiser. It offers the usual 4-band EQ with Low, Mid High and Treble, but it also has a CLANK control. It also has switch controls for Enhance Sub, which is self-explanatory, and Raise Hell, which is yet to be described.

Hellraiser will also include the usual feature set that you will be accustomed to if you've used any of the Toneforge range. Overdrive, Amp, Cab, FX, EQ and Limiter sections offer the ideal set of controls to dial in the perfect gritty bass tone.