Sonuscore The Orchestra Complete 2

Orchestra Virtual Instrument for Kontakt Player

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The Orchestra Complete 2 is the flagship of Sonuscore's "The Orchestra" product family combining the force of the original 80-piece orchestra with new articulations and powerful new features. It includes the new instrument Horns of Hell as well as Strings of Winter.

In a revolutionary all-in-one package, the sound of a symphonic orchestra is at your fingertips. With the groundbreaking ensemble-engine, we found an easier way for you to convert your ideas into music.

Immediately playable. Completely customizable. Surprisingly simple.

What's New?

The Orchestra Complete 2 extends our entry-level instrument The Orchestra with more instruments, more presets, and powerful new features.

Horns of Hell

The Orchestra Complete 2 merges the original THE ORCHESTRA with more than 65 expressive brass articulations and 120 incredible and powerful presets from Horns of Hell, including a full massive organ library.

Strings of Winter

Additionally, the 60 string articulations, two new ethnic string sections, and all additional content from STRINGS OF WINTER round up our absolute orchestral bundle.

Additional Presets and Multi-Instruments

More than 150 additional presets invite you to explore these new sounds in conjunction with the full range of instruments that only The Orchestra Complete 2 offers, bringing the total up to more than 475 playable orchestrations and patterns.

All New Preset Browser

One of the biggest new features in The Orchestra Complete 2 is the brand new Preset Browser. Explore the massive selection of presets with intuitive filters and categories. Finding the right preset for your mood or preferred style has never been easier.

MIDI Export

The Orchestra Complete 2 comes with MIDI-Export. Patterns and arrangements generated by the engine can be exported onto separate MIDI tracks, opening endless possibilities.

More Requested Features

We also revisited the original ensemble engine, implementing smaller but highly-requested features like a switchable GUI and more MIDI controller assignment options.

The Core – the Ensemble Engine

The Ensemble Engine works through a number of independent arpeggiators and velocity envelopes, heavily inspired by our Sonuscore Origins-Series.

Create Complex Arrangements With Simple Chords

Create pulsating rhythms and inspiring full arrangements from any combination of notes. All of this without relying on prerecorded phrases – you have full control. It will work, no matter what chord or note you play. With minimum loading times, a vast amount of presets provide you with full ensemble colors right out of the box.

  • Independent arpeggiators and velocity envelopes create vivid and powerful orchestral colors.
  • Load up to 5 different instruments in independent slots and play them together.
  • Every slot can be assigned to one of five different modules.
  • [NEW]: Assign percussion to the arpeggiator to create pulsating rhythms.

Compose Faster with Full Instrumental Groups

Choose from 300 presets in three categories.

Orchestral Colors

The Orchestral Colors presets are practical combinations of instruments that can be played live on your keyboard. Simple keystrokes and chords yield a rich orchestral sound.

Orchestral Rhythms

The Orchestral Rhythms contain simple and useful playable patterns of separate sections of the orchestra that make use of our Ensemble Engine.

Animated Orchestra

The animated orchestra presets go even further and create complex orchestrated rhythms from any played note. This is where the magic happens!

Export Your Custom Performance

Drag and drop MIDI to your DAW.

Once you have been inspired by a preset, drag and drop the arrangement of your performance to your DAW. Unleash the power of the ensemble engine onto your personal template, change notes, combine different patterns, and make them your own.

Take Full Control Over the Ensemble

Work quickly and intuitively with our straightforward user interface.

On the Engine page, you can access all individual controls for each of the five instrument modules. Short notes can be arranged with the arpeggiators, while sustained notes can be shaped with the velocity envelope. Create the orchestral colors as you need them and let the magic happen.


The arpeggiator creates fascinating melodic patterns to give your project a rich and lively orchestral feeling. Change the pattern of the arpeggiator with the rhythm stepper. If needed, you can modify almost every parameter to stay in full control of your orchestral color.

Velocity Envelope – Shape Your Sustain Sounds

The Velocity Envelope adds a recurring dynamic movement to a sustaining note. The centerpiece is the envelope shape, which can be drawn freely.

Play the Instruments Freely

Create full and detailed orchestrations from scratch.

Play your ideas and your melodies freely with the single instrument patches.

Aside from the Ensemble Instrument, The Orchestra Complete 2 also contains more than 200 single instrument patches.

Included are all standard sections and articulations from a symphonic orchestra, including percussion and as a bonus: choir, glockenspiel, piano, and an organ.

Ensemble-Multi Patches: Unleash the Full Orchestral Power

Multis take the Ensemble Engine even further toward instant playability and epic sound as they load and layer multiple instances of THE ORCHESTRA. The easiest way to create complex orchestral arrangements.

There are full playable orchestral multis for single articulations that work perfectly for quick sketching and layering.

Orchestral Rhythm and Animated Orchestra Multis combine multiple instances of the Ensemble Engine to create even more complex patterns.

The Samples - Rough & Edgy, No "Polished" Sound

THE ORCHESTRA was recorded and processed with the intention to sound a bit rougher and more “honest” than the common orchestral Hollywood sound.
It offers an alternative and promises straight and powerful sounds,
punch and a vivid musical experience.

The instruments for THE ORCHESTRA were recorded in Budapest at the renowned Studio 22 in their traditional seating position and mixed and edited with great attention to detail.

This way the different sections blend together perfectly in the same room. All essential articulations are available, including playable true legato samples and multiple round robins for short articulations.

System Requirements

  • Native Instruments Kontakt Player 6.2.2 or Kontakt Full 6.2.2 and above
  • MacOS 10.12 Sierra - 11 Big Sur (Intel only)
  • Windows 7 - 10 (64-bit only)
  • Intel Core i5 CPU or better
  • 4GB RAM or more (6GB or more recommended)
  • 18.2GB free storage space

System Requirements

  • Native Instruments Kontakt Player 6.6.0 and above OR Kontakt Full 6.6.0 and above
  • MacOS 10.12 Sierra and above
  • Windows 7 and above (32 and 64-bit)
  • Intel Core 2 Duo / AMD Athlon 64 X2 CPU or better
  • 4GB RAM or more
  • 18GB free storage space

User Manual