ProjectSAM Master Pack 5

12 Libraries for Kontakt Player

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For those unable to choose: the Mother Pack, holding all 16 ProjectSAM libraries, from full orchestra & choir to delicate concert harp to swinging guitars, totalling a whopping 200 GB.

This bundle includes:

  • Colours Adaptive Runs
  • Colours Animator
  • Colours Orchestrator
  • Orchestral Essentials 1
  • Orchestral Essentials 2
  • Symphobia 1
  • Symphobia 2
  • Symphobia 3: Lumina
  • Symphobia 4: Pandora
  • Swing!
  • Swing More!
  • True Strike 1


Swing! playfully brings together the worlds of jazz and film scoring with lively big band ensembles, a groovy rhythm section, and an awesome set of solo lead instruments.

It offers you an incredibly diverse collection of sounds that blend together marvelously. If you compose for film, animation, games, or advertisements, Swing! will undoubtedly lighten up your working day.

Swing More!

From the early years of animation to the gritty scenes of film noir, big band and jazz have a long tradition in film music.

As much as we love the sound of the symphony orchestra, it tells only one part of the story.

With the original Swing!, we took a first step in exploring the world of jazz and film scoring. Now, it is time to delve deeper.

Symphobia 1

The library that started it all… immersive ensemble recordings and intense cinematic orchestral effects.

With Symphobia you have at your disposal a proven tool of inspiration for scoring films, games, and television.

Symphobia 2

Symphobia 2 is the acclaimed sequel to the original Symphobia.

All-new orchestral effects, massive amounts of fresh and inspiring symphonic effects, exclusive legato ensembles with real legato transitions, Dystopia III, and a brand-new interface.

Symphobia 2 is the new no-brainer addition to the Symphobia series for any film, game, or TV composer.

Symphobia 3: Lumina

Featuring full orchestra, choir, smaller ensembles, and a wide range of guest instruments, Symphobia 3: Lumina dives into the world of fantasy, mystery, and animation, adding depth and delicacy to your musical palette.

Based on more recordings than ever before, this third volume in the Symphobia series is ProjectSAM’s most ambitious release yet.

Symphobia 4: Pandora

Give your action, sci-fi, and horror scores a blockbuster boost with the fourth volume in ProjectSAM’s acclaimed Symphobia Series.

Symphobia 4: Pandora lets you summon rousing cinematic risers, foreboding falls, and earth-shattering crescendos with unmatched ease and flexibility.

True Strike 1

True Strike, the first volume in the series, focuses on orchestral percussion. Offering 51 orchestral percussion instruments in multiple concert hall mic positions, True Strike is the only orchestral percussion library you will ever need.

Colours: Adaptive Runs

Adaptive Runs is the smartest and most intuitive orchestral runs library yet.

Tapping from a vast audio pool, with runs ranging from a 4th interval to 4 octaves, Adaptive Runs Perfectly and effortlessly syncs to your track, allowing you to keep focusing on your composition.

Colours: Animator

Laughing clarinets, jazzy staccatos, xylophone winks, and trombone slides – Symphobia Colours: Animator is a library dedicated to all things funny.

Instantly playable, ANIMATOR will become your go-to source when scoring cartoons, animated features, light games, or sitcoms. 

Colours: Orchestrator

Behold an industry first: real legato transitions for chords.

For Symphobia Colours: Orchestrator, ProjectSAM recorded major and minor chords with all possible transitions between them.

For example, C major and F minor were recorded separately, as well as C major changing into F minor and vice versa.

The result is extremely realistic, musical, and evocative.

Orchestral Essentials 1

Covering full orchestra, string, brass, and woodwind ensembles, classical and world percussion, Orchestral Essentials gives you the right ammo to start scoring for film, games, or pop with the acclaimed cinematic SAM sound.

For each of the orchestral sections, an essential list of articulations is available, as well as one expressive legato instrument and an inspiring set of clusters, textures, and effects.

Apart from these orchestral elements, you will also find a concert harp, church organ, ProjectSAM’s renowned Dystopia sound design, and, exclusive to Orchestral Essentials, an enchanting grand piano, and harpsichord.

Orchestral Essentials 2

The Orchestral Essentials series captures the essence of the ProjectSAM experience: an inspiring collection of sounds taken from our extensive, cinematic product catalog.

This volume expands your Orchestral Essentials template with brand-new selections from the ProjectSAM catalog, including the Symphobia series, the True Strike series, and our other libraries, all re-designed and streamlined to fit the Orchestral Essentials concept.

System Requirements

  • Native Instruments Kontakt Player 6.5.3 and above OR Kontakt Full 6.5.3 and above
  • MacOS 10.13 High Sierra and above
  • Windows 10 and above (32 and 64-bit)
  • Intel, AMD, or Apple Silicon CPU
  • 6GB RAM or more
  • 200GB free storage space