JSD Truth Custom Black & Gold Full

Drum & Cymbal Samples in WAV and NKI Formats

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WAV Format
Kontakt Full

Truth Custom Kit, "Black and Gold" (2010) [Package: 4 drums, 9 cymbals]

Recorded, Edited, Mixed by Joey Sturgis

Played by Eric Choi of "We Came As Romans" in 2010

Full Package Includes:
  • Drumagog GOG files, (kick, snare, hi tom, low tom)
  • Kontakt Instruments, ALL (full Kontakt 4+ required)
  • Kontakt Multi, entire drum set in one instrument
  • Wav File for each sample (328 files)
  • Each drum/cymbal recorded with articulations and performed velocity
  • Cubase Drum Map for use with Kontakt Multi

Kit Info:

  • Kick, 22x18, 10-ply, maple
  • Snare, 14x7, 20-ply, maple w/ 10 ply reinforcement rings
  • Rack Tom, 12x7, 10-ply, maple
  • Floor Tom, 16x14, 10-ply, maple

Cymbal info:

  • Hi-hat: Paiste Twenty 14in
  • Left Crash: Zildjian A Custom Projection 19in
  • Right Crash: Zildjian Z Custom Medium 19in
  • China: Paiste Prototype 20in
  • Splash A: Paiste Alpha Metal 10in
  • Splash B, Sabian AA 10in
  • Splash C, Zildjian K Custom Hybrid 11in
  • Zilbel A & B, Zildjian Small 6in


  • Kick: Truth standard batter & resonant
  • Snare: Remo Emperor X Batter, Truth standard resonant
  • Toms: Attack 2-ply batter, Attack 1-ply medium resonant

Recording info:

  • Recorded at 44.1kHz 24 bit in .wav format
  • Preamps used: API 3124, Digimax d8, RME FF800
  • "Perfect dynamics" achieved by pre-volume levelling of each articulation
  • all samples are "panned" from the drummer's perspective
  • pre-mixed and ready for production by Joey Sturgis

Microphones used:

  • Kick: Format-AUdix D6
  • Snare: Shure SM57
  • Toms: Sennheiser MD 421-II
  • Overheads: Neumann KM184, spaced stereo pair
  • Room: Rode K2