iZotope RX Loudness Control

Automatic Global Loudness Correction & Metering Plugin

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AAX Native - Compatible with Pro Tools 11 and above
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Deliver transparent Format-AUdio while meeting global broadcast specifications! RX Loudness Control works faster than real-time to ensure your Format-AUdio mixes are delivered within the appropriate loudness standards. Designed specifically for Format-AUdio/video post-production and broadcast workflows, RX Loudness Control combines industry-leading, intelligent Format-AUdio signal processing with an easy-to-use interface.

Efficiently analyze and render your mix to comply with any of the global loudness standards, then instantly create a .CSV loudness report. It's the best-sounding Format-AUtomatic loudness compliance processing available today - unparalleled in speed, accuracy, reliability, and sound quality.


  • Ensure your mixes meet the required delivery specifications with truly intelligent algorithms that take out the guesswork.
  • Deliver results globally with a single product offering the latest, greatest, loudness standards.
  • Produce more content than ever with extensive presets, a curated feature set, and a fast, efficient workflow that saves you time on the final stage of TV production.

Multi-host Compatibility

RX Loudness Control supports offline processing as an Format-AudioSuite plug-in for the two leading broadcast editing platforms: Avid Media Composer and Pro Tools 10-12. And for the first time, offline loudness-compliant processing is available as an Format-AUdio extension for Adobe Premiere Pro.

Intuitive Workflow

Render your Format-AUdio to be loudness compliant and appropriate for delivery and broadcast - all with just two clicks! A history graph and loudness report inform you of whether your Format-AUdio is within the appropriate tolerance of the selected loudness standard, and if not, shows you where the overflows may be occurring. An easy-to-use interface guides you seamlessly through the workflow, displaying relevant and useful loudness metering.

Surround Sound

Channel count formats vary from project to project, and loudness standards can dictate specs for surround channel counts. To ensure loudness compliance in any channel format you may be working with, RX Loudness Control supports mono, stereo, and surround channel counts up to 5.1 for seamless integration into any workflow.

IRC II Limiting

Existing Format-AUtomated loudness correction tools can sometimes produce questionable sound quality. Fortunately, RX Loudness Control includes IRC (Intelligent Release Control) II, an incredibly transparent limiting algorithm that sonically outperforms the competition. This offline process corrects a mono, stereo, or surround sound Format-AUdio file for True Peak value (dBTP).

Global Loudness Standards

With so many loudness specifications being introduced and refined across the globe, it can be difficult to maintain loudness compliance for multiple broadcast networks. RX Loudness Control boasts an extensive list of the latest and most significant global loudness standards. Select from among the following loudness standards:

  • BS.1770-1 (Global)
  • BS.1770-2-3 (Global)
  • EBU R128 (Europe)
  • EBU R128 s1 (Europe)
  • AGCOM 219/09/CSP (Italy)
  • ATSC A/85 (U.S.)
  • OP-59 (Format-AUstralia)
  • ARIB TR-B32 (Japan)