GForce Oddity2

Synthesizer Virtual Instrument

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AAX Native - Compatible with Pro Tools 11 and above
AudioUnits Format Standalone Format VST2 Format
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A Meticulous Emulation of The Legendary ARP Odyssey

Oddity2 takes the character and operational architecture of 3 generations of a classic and via a wave of enhancements, transports its spirit into a new dimension.

While the duophonic and monophonic modes have been retained, Oddity2 now also offers a monophonic legato mode, plus a POLYPHONIC MODE. Everything from spiky and resonant textures to lush and warm pads sounds can either be programmed from Oddity2’s intuitive controls or simply dialed up via the 1000+ categorized patches.
Via three filter modes and an additional oscillator, Oddity2 can sound as versatile and punchy as its main rival, the Mini, back in the day. Furthermore, dedicated LFO & ADSR, called XLFO & XASDR respectively, for modulation of almost every parameter make it the most programmable one.

Unrivaled Programmability

In order to overcome the original instrument’s limitation of a single LFO, we’ve also added the ability to apply an additional LFO and ADSR to almost any of the main Oddity2 sliders, which gives the instrument almost unrivaled versatility and depth when it comes to sound design options.

Additional improvements over its predecessor include an onboard delay, spread or random pan modes, patch morphing via beats or seconds, program change recognition, and implementation of the two-octave transpose switch for dynamic real-time performances.

Put simply, Oddity2 further builds on the significance and lineage of the original hardware and software instruments, by taking its fundamental sonic character and, via a raft of carefully considered musical enhancements, transplants it into the hands of those musicians ready to take it to both familiar and new horizons. 


  • Analog modeling of a classic
  • Over 1000 Categorised Patches
  • Monophonic, Duophonic, and Polyphonic modes
  • MKI, MKII and MKIII filter, High-pass filter
  • Vast Modulation options via XLFOs and XADSRs
  • Two syncable oscillators plus a sub-oscillator
  • Fully tuneable across a six octave range
  • Sawtooth, Square, Sine & Variable pulse width waveforms
  • Ring modulator
  • Dynamic control over filter cutoff and amplitude
  • Timed Morphing between presets within a preset bank.
  • Flying Slider feature
  • A=440Hz Reference tone
  • On-Board Delay
  • Spread and Random Pan Modes
  • Full automation support

    System Requirements

    • MacOS 10.07 - 10.15 (Not yet Big Sur or M1 compatible)
    • Windows XP SP2 or above
    • 1GHz CPU or better
    • 1GB RAM or more


    Mac: Standalone Application, AAX Native, AU, VST

    Windows: Standalone Application, VST