Audified AmpLion 2 Rock Essentials

Guitar Amp Simulator Plugin

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Apple Silicon Compatible
AAX Native - Compatible with Pro Tools 11 and above
AudioUnits Format VST2 Format VST3 Format
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Get incredible sounding rock tones from three exceptionally modeled amps in a new generation of our AmpLion software.

A complete revamp of our long-standing AmpLion Pro guitar software. Now with much more detailed models, new features, and totally re-designed GUI. A gear collection based exclusively on absolute rock staples!

We have come a long way since designing the very first AmpLion plug-in in 2011. For the new version, we have opted for a completely new product philosophy. The one of efficiency, larger-than-life guitar sounds, and guitarist-friendly workflow. AmpLion 2 Rock Essentials gets you three legendary amp models, four cabinets, fifteen stompboxes, ten microphones, all recreated as detailed plug-in models using state-of-the-art component modeling.

Easy tone-finder. Turn it on, and play!

  • Ultra-dynamic feel under your hands
  • Proprietary Hiss Gate and Noise Gate algorithms
  • Human-like Double Track function
  • Popular & custom gear modifications
  • Super accurate low-latency cabinet models

The New Engine Behind the Incredible Sound

We combined our proprietary research with the latest trends in the scientific community, took the best of both to design our new real-time nonlinear dynamic circuit equations solver, and use it as the basis for all circuitry inside the AmpLion 2.

The power amplifier section uses the loudspeaker impedance model as a load to replicate the interaction between the power amp tubes, output transformer, loudspeaker, and power amp feedback.

The modulation and analog delay effects use the bucket-brigade delay model with an exact number of buckets and virtual clock rate instead of a simple delay, adding a small amount of aliasing to the output sound - this can be heard as a typical ringing sound.

The models, including the cabinets, are latency-free, and you get an immediate response while playing. To achieve the same phasing between Cab A and B as you would experience in a real-life recording situation, we added a small additional delay equal to the time the sound, traveling from the loudspeaker, needs to reach the microphone membrane. There are no internal IRs in the cabinet section; these are all real-time cabinet models!

Amplifier Models & Features

Martial 59

The real rock legend! Without this type of amp, Rock 'N' Roll would not exist. The four channels of the model deliver the traditional four input configuration. The Parallel channel is the key to your classic screaming rock sounds, and it is the equivalent of chaining the Normal and Bright channels together. There are also Master volume and Pushed mode options. Switch to the rear panel to discover the revision switch - SLP/HW, Brown sound switch, and Ohm selection.

Jukebox 30

What a versatile amp design! This purple beast delivers a rich classic rock tonal spectrum, and it is a perfect complement to the first two. The Normal channel is one of the best platforms for using treble boosters (hint: There are two models included). The switchable Tremolo and Reverb features are a must, as well as the Tone Cut. On the rear panel, you get the Voicing and Custom EQ options. Plus, there is a Bright switch for the normal channel, too.

Bartender Delux 65

Meet the low-wattage spanky amp of choice for many players across genres - from traditional country to alternative indie rock. Don't be fooled by the size! Despite not having much headroom, this amp is a monster. Choose between the two main channels, each having the Low and High input option, and on the rear panel, discover the added Pushed mode. While the Vibrato channel is engaged, enjoy the hyperreal spring reverb and the famous lush or choppy vibrato.

Rear Panel Mod Functions

With AmpLion 2 Rock Essentials, you get the amps modeled after their legendary ancestors as they come stock, as well as specific tweaks, fan-favorite mods, version revisions, or our custom modification ideas. Most of the time, these are located at the rear panel of the model.

Cabinet Models & Features

Martial 412 GB & 412 G12 A

These two cabinets are the perfect match for the Martial 59 model. Nevertheless, they sound great with every amp model included. They are your classic 4x12" half-stack basis. Martial 412 GB is fuller in bass response and rather scooped in mids. Whether Martial 412 G12A is more focused on mids and tighter. For the most fun possible, combine them in stereo or the Double Track mode.

Bartender 112 J

The sound of the classic 1x12" combo and a J-style speaker. It is a matching cabinet to the Bartender DeLux 65 amp model. This little beast is capable of many things. Try pairing it with the other amps, too. You may be amazed by what it can do. The small box often means tightness and low-end focus.

Jukebox 212 GB

One of the most classic open-back 2x12". Those green speakers likely co-formed the whole rock movement. This cabinet matches Jukebox 30 amp, but you can definitely use it with the other two as well. It is heavenly for clean to crunchy sounds, and it can handle what you throw at it.

Dual or Single Cabinet Option

AmpLion 2 provides vast options regarding cabinet use. E.g., select only one cabinet to be active and pan the mic across the stereo field. Or blend two cabinets and leave the Pan in the center. Or use two cabinets and mics, and pan them, e.g., hard left and hard right. For even different results, try the Double Track feature.

Stompbox Models & Features

Fifteen All-New Pedal Models

Building upon our virtual stompbox history with DSound Stomp’n FX and MultiDrive Pedal Pro, AmpLion 2 Rock Essentials delivers a new and redesigned set of stompbox models. Including not so widely modeled effects such as famous treble-boosters of the 60s and 70s. Some pedal models also feature favorite user mods or "nice to have" options.

Drives & Wah

Included drive models are: 808 IceScream, O-Drive 1, Distortion Puls, MeltedFace Fuzz, Corny T-Boost, Ravemaster T-Boost. Plus, there is a Jukebox Wah 84 - a very versatile wah model.

Pre and Post Effects Board

Many effect pedals react very differently depending on where they are placed in regards to the amplifier. In AmpLion 2, you can use two pedalboards. One is located before the amplifier and one after the whole rig. Drive pedals and Wah are available only before the amp, and DigiDelay and DigiVerb are available only after the rig. Together with both EQs, they do wonders when finalizing your tone.

Modulation Effects

Based on iconic modulation stompboxes from the 1970s onward, featured models are Mrs Flanger, Stoner Phaser, Cloned Chorus.

Delays and Reverb

The highlight here is the Memorized Delay. It was modeled after a legendary unit and spiced-up with an added Tap tempo. There is also our own DigiDelay, which sports advanced options such as LR ping pong, Double mode, or a Color function. Last but not least is the DigiVerb. A great utility solution for extending the spatial perception of the amp's own reverbs.


Choose from our two proprietary stompbox equalizers - GraphEQ and ParaEQ, depending on your workflow and preferences.

Mic Models & Features

Ten Industry-Standard Microphones

AmpLion 2 features key fan-favorite mic models for amp & cab recording and re-amping. They are 57 Legend, 906 S-Cube, 421 Sensei, 7B Podcaster, 121 Rodger, 414 OMG, 87 Oldman, 451 Pencil, 5i Audition, plus a special Flat response microphone. For maximal tonal variability, use different mics with different cabinets and experiment with their positions.

Advanced Panning and Level Options

When you select your favorite mic combination, feel free to play more with the Pan and Level features. You can blend two mics onto one another when leaving them in the center or fully enjoy the stereo possibilities, both with single or dual cabinet options. Please note that the Double Track function and hard panning present differently sounding results.

Positions Based on Real Science

Each mic model included is based on thorough and repeated measurements in an anechoic chamber. Things your ears hear in real life during guitar recording may be often misleading. They depend on the many variables and the context itself, but the physics and acoustics measurements represent what truly happens.

Adjustable Mic Angle Function

While Position and Distance are self-explanatory, AmpLion 2 sports the Mic angle function, too. This feature enables you to try many different miking techniques. Its range spans from 0 degrees to 75 degrees. 0 degrees is the default position, and it means the mic is perpendicular to the cabinet grill cloth.

Utility Features

Intuitive Page-Based Layout

For easy signal flow navigation, AmpLion 2 is divided into four pages. Each page is engagable separately using its Power button.

Advanced Noise Gate Function

Our Noise gate algorithm is very thoroughly pre-tuned to help you eliminate noise even when using very high gain. All you have to do is to choose how strongly it will react. Both Hiss Gate and Noise Gate are based on envelope tracking for both signal level and signal frequency bandwidth with automated release time to work both for palm muting and playing solo with the same settings.

Automated Double-Track Option

Try our new Double Track function. It will automatically create the illusion of double-tracked stereo guitars, with a natural chorus-like widening included. The double-tracked signal is not a pure time-delayed replica of the original signal, but it has random and signal-dependent changes in delay, pitch, level, and attack.

Proprietary Hiss Gate Function

Different things can sometimes cause noise and hiss. Our new Hiss gate is amazing for eliminating subtle pickup noises, amongst other things, and it does not affect your playing in any dynamic way.

System Requirements

  • Mac OS 10.11 El Capitan - 11.1 Big Sur (Intel or Apple Silicon)
  • Windows 7 - Windows 10
  • Free iLok account and iLok License Manager

Plugin Formats

  • AAX Native 64-bit
  • AU 64-bit
  • VST3 32-bit (Windows only)
  • VST3 64-bit